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Київський економічний інститут 

Kyiv Economics Institute (KEI) is a research and outreach center, founded in 2005 by the Stockholm Institute for Transition Economics (SITE) in close collaboration with the Kyiv School of Economics. KEI contributes to economic development in Ukraine and internationally by producing top quality research and policy analysis.

KEI has attracted a core faculty of talented Ukrainian economists with PhDs from leading Western universities such as the University of Michigan, Michigan State University, Oregon State University, the University of Maryland at College Park, University of Iowa.

The primary fields of specialization of KEI include:

  • Policy and Project Evaluation;

  • Economics of Labor Markets;

  • Urban and Regional Economics;

  • Economics of Population and Demographics;

  • Public Economics;

  • Economic Development.

KEI successfully implements projects for Ukrainian government, business organizations, NGOs and international foundations and companies.