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ООО Vidiomit LTD 

Vidiomit LTD. was founded in 1988, over the years, the company has became the largest certified reseller of Pelephone Communications Ltd.

Vidiomit is one of most experienced player in the Israeli cellular market with over 20 years experience in mobile marketing, multimedia, and Internet communications.

Our headquartered are based in Bnei Brak, in the middle of the Israeli Hi-Tech district. We have branches in Ashkelon, Ashdod, Rishon, Ra’anana and Netanya. We also carry wholesale distribution line serving stores all over the country.

Over the years, we have provided service and products to over 5 million customers from the private, business, and government sector.

We operate in six divisions:

Vidiomit Marketing

Our Marketing division employs more than 100 sales agents, in telemarketing, Telemeeting, and door to door sales.

The division has two main departments:

The «post — paid» department offers the newest mobile devices with attractive plans tailored to clients of all sectors: soldiers, students, union workers, immigrants, Religious, Arabs, businesses, and more.

The «pre — paid» department offers refurbished, no-contract phones with prepaid minutes cards. The devices are plan-free and do not require a bank account.

Vidiomit Car installation

Our car Installation division employs more than 30 certified technicians and provide installation of car phones and speakerphones. We have six installation centers, and we also offer a VIP technician service at the client’s home or business.

Vidiomit Multimedia

The multimedia division offers rental, sale and operation of video equipment, projectors, big screens, plasma screens, game consoles and audiovisual equipment for parties, exhibitions, presentations and conferences.

We employ crews, editors, and event photography professional technicians, the production of presentations and business promotional videos.

In addition we perform tape duplication and conversion of individual or commercial quantities for CD-ROM and to — DVD.

Vidiomit laboratories

Laboratories division employs about 10 licensed technicians who specialize in CDMA technologies, UMTS, and GSM. We perform repair, renewal, conversion, and software updates for all types of mobile handsets and modems and for all types of tablets.