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ООО Youwe Ukraine 

Youwe is a fullservice internet agency consisting of 120 passionate eBusiness and eCommerce lunatics: We have four offices in the Netherlands, one in Manilla and now we want to expand our office in Kyiv. We long for open source and don’t stop until our clients are more successful online. Could be a redesign job, could also be a SEO or SEA optimization issue, can also be a complex business-to-business webshop.

We get things done! Not in a top-down way, but working in self managing teams: circles! Every team exists as if it were a small organization.

Youwe is a flat organization aiming to become an organization without rules and where every colleague has access to the same information and knowledge and where one is allowed to make mistakes to become better every day.

Open source means an open culture. Here at Youwe you will work among highly energetic and intrinsic motivated colleagues. We believe in training and development of people with ambition and drive! Make sure your goals are clear so you we can help you achieve them!