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ЗАО Usabilitytools.com 

B2B Lead Generation / Cold Calling

UsabilityTools.com with seat in Poznan, Poland offers a set of online tools that help optimize websites for higher conversion and better user experience. The tools range from behavioral web analytics to remote usability.

We are hiring 1 position to generate leads & cold call in Ukrainian and Belarussian. Candidates must have an excellent written and spoken these language language and at least Intermediate English for reporting to the HQ.

You will be paid on a hourly basis to make calls plus a bonus if the lead ends up in a sale. 

You will be required to find leads yourself, however we'll give you guides on where to look for leads and what are the best practices for targeting decision makers. A sales script can be provided, hovewer we are looking for an expert who has achieved previous sales results for SaaS B2B. 

Candidate will be responsible for:

- Qualifying leads by asking series of questions
- Generating qualified leads per week from E-Commerce Directors, E-Commerce Managers, Online Product Managers, UX Designers, Web analysts, etc.
- Documenting qualified leads in the CRM software (cloud-based)
- Phone or write emails to respond to customers or to follow up
- Appointment setting for consultation with one of our Sales Rep.

This can turn out to be a long lasting collaboration. We have a product that works, a team that supports, and a hunger to expand to a new markets. 

Please answer these questions:

- How many hours can you work per day? 
- $/h 

If you have any further questions let me know.